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  • Next Meeting

    Hi all! Thank you for your interest in getting SMC back up and running!

    We are going to meet next Thursday, November 5 at 6:00pm here at RMD Advertising to get things going. If you are interested in serving in a leadership role, please email me at silvia@rmdadvertising.com. So glad to see so much passion for social media! Let's do this thing.

  • The Digital You

    The exciting start of Summer has officially passed and Fall is looming. Now you’re done with school, home shopping, and/or changing jobs. We’ve all experienced change and growth with one simple phrase: out with the old and in with the new. To strengthen our transition spirits, let’s turn to our social networks for inspiration. Check out some of my favorite ways to polish an online presence.

  • How to Join | Social Media's Who's Who in Columbus
    How to Join | Social Media's Who's Who in Columbus

    We need you!

    We're building the top resource for social media professionals in Columbus. You can join a fast growing network of like minded professionals in Columbus and expand your social world. If you want to join and complete your profile, follow these steps:

"Social media is not a passing fad... it is a fundamental shift in the way that we communicate."




About Us


SMC wants to help you explore your personal and professional passions by helping you connect with a community of your peers based on both geography and areas of interest. SMC wants to ensure that the world of social media does not become an echo chamber of self-reinforcing thoughts, but is instead fueled by diversity of opinion and perspective.

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